September 6, 2017

Our Lovelution Team recently got the chance to be on WSAVs "The Bridge"! Valerie Dixon, myself (Ashley) and one of our awesome Screen Printers at Quantum Printing (which is a division of Coastal Center for Developmental Services) Amber. We were so excited to get to share the story of Lovelution and what it means for the community and the wonderful people it employs and supports. Not to mention the message of Love and Acceptance that we want to get out! Amber was thrilled to be a "local celebrity" through her time on T.V. She was so brave and poised and proud. All three of us represented the line wearing our favorite Lovelution shirts. To watch the segment check out the link below :)


June 2017

The Amazing Team at Coastal Center and Quantum Printing ( are the heart and soul behind Lovelution. The images were drawn by these wonderful souls and each one is handprinted. Even Adam, the amazing seemster!, hand sewed in each label :) 

Quantum not only does custom printing and embroidery, they have amazing catering services as well! Quantum employs, trains and supports those in our community with developmental disabilities, or as I say "different abilities" :) Everyone is talented and with purpose! Check Quantum Out!