A company founded and based on the ideals of peaceful revolutionaries, that love is the only thing that can truly make change.

Our products are intended to promote peaceful ideals and show that the world can be seen through different eyes and minds. The shirts are a collaboration of designer and stylist Ashley Borders and a team of wonderful and talented individuals with developmental disabilities that are employed and trained to do skilled jobs here in the South of the USA at a center devoted to creating a space in the world for all people regardless of who they are or what they can do-everyone has value and meaning. All artwork is these individuals interpretation of a revolutionary figure who made great change through love and acceptance. We all see things differently and that is ok, as long as it is done with love at it's core. We at Lovelution promote the ideals that everyone is valuable and worthy and has a purpose. Let's make change through love and fashion. Come on.. it'll be fun :) 


Chic Street Fashion with a Philosophical Touch.


Your purchase of these shirts help sustain the work and jobs of adults with developmental disabilities. These amazing individuals at Quantum in Savannah, GA handcrafted this shirt with love and pride. The images on the shirts are hand drawn and are a visual interpretation of someone with developmental needs. A reminder that we all see the world with different eyes, but the purpose of our vision is to create a more unique world-each thought based on love builds our planet stronger.  We at Lovelution believe that everyone on this earth has a purpose and place and deserves love. How do you share your Love? Let us know at www.bethelovelution.com. Tag your idea of love at #lovelution #bethelovelution